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Food > Tortilla wraps cajun fajita dip chicken strips romaine lettuce
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Uploaded By: Pegasus Pictures
Collection: Food
Tortilla wraps cajun fajita dip chicken strips romaine lettuce
Upload Date: Monday, March 14, 2011
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Tortilla wraps filled with cajun fajita dip, chicken strips, romaine

lettuce, cucumber and drizzled sour cream on a large white plate. Cajun fajita dip with a coriander leaf garnish and sour cream sprinkled with paprika in white dipping bowls. Red and white checked napkin rests on a sandblasted white wood table top and a bowl of green salad in the background. Light lunch, main meal, supper.
Keywords: Tortilla wraps, cajun, fajita, chicken strips, romaine lettuce, cucumber, drizzled, sour cream, large white plate, cajun fajita dip, coriander leaf garnish, sprinkle, paprika, white dipping bowls, red white checked napkin, sandblasted white wood, table top, bowl of green salad. Light lunch, main meal, supper.



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