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Pegasus Photography, Chertsey, Surrey

Commercial, Wedding and Portrait Photography in Chertsey, Surrey

Have a look around, all weddings and portraits displayed on the site are for demostration purposes, any on-line orders placed on this site will be deleted.  The site is created using theimagefile Dynamic Web Wizard, an online web site creator that requires no coding experience or expertise. Every photographer can enjoy the benefits of a fully dynamic, e-commerce enabled, fully editable web presence, with maximum search engine optimisation.  Edit online; update your content as often as you wish, from anywhere with an internet connection.

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 This site is using template one of nine available.   You can change , edit and add pages, colours, links, words, styles and formatting and of course the images as often as you like. If you require any assistance with setting up your web site, please do not hesitate in calling the help desk on 0870 224 2454  or email customersupport@theimagefile.com.



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